Detroit focuses on Panther's achievements reflecting deterrent play

Sara Amaya
June 1, 2024  (7:59 PM)

Detroit Red Wings during an NHL Game
Photo credit: APNews.com/AP photo: Carlos Osorio

The Detroit Red Wings have been watching how the Florida Panthers play defensively on the ice for some time now and have been focusing on how they have built enough defensive play to have supremacy on the ice. The Red wings want to recreate this type of play on the ice next season as they work on improving.

Defensive play is one area of improvement that continued to hold the Red Wings back from being in the Playoffs this season. Although there are several other areas the Red Wings could also work on, it's clear that this is where they struggle most.
Although the Red Wings managed to score a lot more goals this season than previous seasons, it was also obvious that they needed to work harder to stop goals from being scored in the net on their side of the ice. In order to do this properly, Detroit will need to drastically improve their defensemen and how they make moves to block the opponent.
The Florida Panthers have been incredible on the ice during the playoffs and the Red Wings have been taking note of all the defensive work their players are doing. Florida has shown that playing defensively will allow for any tricks and strategies that they have prepared to unravel seamlessly.
The Panthers have continued to demonstrate that they have what it takes to cease the opponent's production on the ice and this has them so close to winning another Stanley cup making that two times in a row now. The Panther's do not surrender much on the ice allowing for dominance.
The Red wings have their work cut out for them as they look to improve this offseason, effort is not something that you will consistently get from all players on a team and that will prove challenging especially when landing a spot and continuing through the Stanley Cup playoffs is the goal.
The Red Wings will have to come to a greater sense of unity on the ice like the New York Rangers and then add that to having personal growth and strength on and off the ice followed by defensive practice consistently during this offseason in order to see results in the 2024-2025 season. It won't be an easy task, but it is possible with consistency to see changes over time. Hopefully the Red Wings will be able to focus on their mission which is to improve defensively, and come back better than ever.
Credit: The Hockey News- Panthers success shows effect of defensive play Detroit wants to emphasize
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