Red Wings acquire ascending forward in the NHL mock draft 3.0

Sara Amaya
June 10, 2024  (0:07)

Red wings forward  Nate Danielson on the ice during a game
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The Detroit Red Wings have fifteenth overall draft pick this offseason and the NHL mock draft has revealed who they could acquire.

The Red Wings saw an ascending forward land the number fifteen spot via FC Hockey's Mock Draft Simulator. This forward could eventually become apparent to general manager Steve Yzerman and help the Red Wings land a great prospect during the real NHL draft.
This mock draft was thrilling because of all the increasing potential for the Red Wings to acquire a very talented player. It was unlike mock drafts 1.0 and 2.0 in the sense that it the potential outcomes were better with mock draft 3.0.
The two talented prospects that could be a potential match for the Red Wings are Beckett Sennecke, (RW) and Cole Hutson, (D).
Beckett Sennecke's productivity as a right wing and size makes him an unbeatable match for the Red Wings. Sennecke has also played several games in the OHL which has brought his number of goals scored to 27 and 68 points for the year.
Sennecke would have a lot to learn and room to grow with the Red Wings and could also do well being mentored by a Red Wings veteran.
Cole Hutson is another prospect that could be a great addition to the Red Wings. Hutson is a defenceman and the Red Wings could use a player with Hutson's talent and skills on the ice. Hutson has scored 22 goals and has 76 points. With the right amount of training and mentoring he has the potential to thrive as a Red Wing.
There are several others who could also potentially excel with Detroit and those players are Elliott Groenewold, Yegor Graf, Louka Cloutier, Frankie Marrelli, Charlie Cerrato and Axel Nyman.
Despite all the potential in the NHL mock draft we will have to wait and see who gets selected in the NHL lottery coming up at the end of the month. Good luck Detroit! May you acquire a player that will add to the overall benefit of your team.
Credit: Octopus Thrower-Red Wings land one of the fastest rinsing forwards NHL mock draft
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