Red Wings possess a strong prospect pipeline

Sara Amaya
May 21, 2024  (3:59 PM)

Red wings top prospect Trevor Augustine blocking a shot from opposing team
Photo credit: The Detroit News: Colin E Braley AP

As we move closer to the NHL draft, the Detroit Red wings consider multiple candidates from a strong pipeline. The Red Wings landed the 15th overall pick in the NHL lottery and according to The Athletic's Scott Wheeler, they have some great options as he ranks the pool of prospects second in the league.

The Red Wings pick will be most noteworthy as it is upon them during a time when the team is focused on rebuilding their team. The team has already started working towards this goal of starting over and adding the right prospect to their team will be crucial.
There are so many great options to choose from including goaltender Trevor Augustine who has turned heads during his time on the ice so far. The Red Wings do have a positive track record when it comes to selecting prospects that will produce great long-term results with the team and this year will be no different.
The Red Wings want to select the best player available to them and they aren't going to hesitate if their answer becomes clear. In the past the Red Wings have pulled from the top 10 list and have been successful. This year the choices they have selecting a center are Marco Kasper and Nate Danielson. Both candidates seem to have strong skill thus far and it looks like with the 15th spot, Detroit's decision between the two should be easier to make.
While there are other candidates who seem a bit more fitting, it is hard to say who will be left when it is Detroit's turn to choose. The good news is with the team looking to rebuild, whoever is selected will be trained and grow with the team to create a better result for future seasons.
Credit: New York Times-The Athletic: What Red Wings Strong prospect pipeline means for Detroits draft needs, outlook
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