Red Wings win the 1997 Stanley Cup versus the Flyers

Sara Amaya
June 3, 2024  (5:44 PM)

Detroit Red Wings winning the stanley cup
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This year's Stanley Cup final draws to a close with the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers set up to fight for the Stanley Cup on Saturday as game one takes place in Florida.

The Florida Panthers look to take on their third Stanley Cup in a row as the Edmonton Oilers look to beat a long time Stanley Cup drought since 1990. As the two teams get a break to recharge between now and Saturday, it seems like the perfect time to revisit the past as we look closer at the Stanley Cup game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers back in 1997.
The Detroit Red Wings have won eleven Stanley Cups to date with the last one being in 2008. The Red Wings are also among the National Hockey League's top three teams to win so many times in a row.
The Red Wings swept the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1997 game with well thought skills and tactics, along with excellent coaching and phenomenal goal tending talent. The Red Wings also had incredible offensive depth that helped them defeat the Flyers much like both teams currently in the Stanley cup have.
The Red Wings also had speed smarts and team harmony not just with fellow teammates but also with their head coach allowing for much unity like we saw in the New York Rangers this season. Experience was another thing on the Red Wings side during this game as they were able to correct past mistakes to take the win in this game.
As for our current teams, The Panthers have defensive strength that is tough to outplay on the ice but the Oilers have strategies that could also throw their opponent off. It will be interesting to see which team takes the cup and as for the Red Wings, they have what it takes to make a comeback in the future with the right prospects and team rebuilding.

Credit: The Hockey News- How the Red wings won the 1997 Stanley Cup Final
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Red Wings win the 1997 Stanley Cup versus the Flyers

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