Change of rule in the NCAA?

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May 30, 2024  (3:32 PM)

Should CHL players be eligible for NCAA hockey?
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The debate about if the Canadian Hockey League players should be eligible to participate in NCAA sports is gaining popularity in the hockey community.

Traditionally, CHL players have not been eligible for NCAA sports due to the salary they receive, which is viewed as a professional compensation by the NCAA and is not allowed. But, with the arrival of Name, Image, and Likeness (known by the abbreviation NIL) deals and revenue sharing, the rule about not being able to have a salary is kind of becoming outdated.
During the post-season coaches conference in Naples, this topic was a really important point of discussion during the conference. But no formal decisions were made, the growing movement to begin to allow CHL players in NCAA sports is really there. This potential policy shift could have some implications, both positive and negative.
Allowing CHL players to participate in NCAA sports has some positive arguments. First, the current NIL rules allow NCAA athletes to earn money from endorsements, which is not clear where the lines between amateur and professional are. Since CHL players also receive compensation, letting them play in NCAA sports make sense with these new rules.
Additionally, CHL players often bring a high level of skill and experience, which could get the quality of college hockey to another level and provide a more exciting product to the fans. This amelioration of the competition would be beneficial for the sport overall. For CHL players, participating in NCAA hockey would help them develop their skills and get an education which is not easy when you play in the CHL.
But, there are potentially some negative consequences too . The USHL, a source of players for the NCAA system might see a decline in talent if top players decide to go for the CHL route, knowing they can still pursue college hockey later in their junior career. College coaches will also face some challenges with their recruitment, needing them to choose between traditional players from the USHL and older, more experienced CHL players. This could change the average age of teams and affect the development in the future.
Plus, allowing CHL players can complicate the definition of amateurism which is really important in the new NIL. This complication will make it harder for the NCAA to maintain a clear boundary between amateur and professional athletes.
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Source: How Would CHL Eligibility Change College Hockey?
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Change of rule in the NCAA?

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