Detroit Red Wings prospect is not a friendly ghost

Will Bloggs
May 29, 2024  (11:22)

Marco Kasper, Detroit Red Wings prospect, is not as friendly as people think
Photo credit: Detroit Red Wings

Marco Kasper had a challenging but very promising season last year with the Grand Rapids Griffins.

After making his NHL debut with the wings last year, the season started slowly for him since he was recovering from a broken kneecap. He had to adapt to a new country since he is from Europe and a new team but he really improved while playing with the Grand Rapids Griffins.
At beginning of the year, Kasper really struggled because of the recovery of his knee injury and he had to adjust to a new environment who is very different then in Europe. But around mid-season, he found his rhythm and started showing his hard work and dedication. He shined during the present playoffs with the Grand Rapids Griffins, scoring 4 goals and 3 assists in 9 games. Even if took some penalty minutes, his aggressive play was mostly controlled and he was bringing some impact to the game.
Kasper are located in his physical play and his hockey IQ. He is playing tough on the ice, he is finishing his hits, putting good screen on other goalies and protecting his crease when he has to do it. He also pays attention to details while he play, which make him a polyvalent player who can contribute to both power play and penalty kill.
While he needs to work on maintaining consistency and improving his shooting and passing, Kasper future with the Red Wings looks bright and he could really becoming a starter next season. He could become a reliable third-line center, strong in both offense and defense, a player who can play a 200-foot game. With more development, he can even move up to the second line if he is playing with talented wingers. His polyvalence makes him a valuable asset for special teams as well.
In conclusion, Marco Kasper has shown great progress and resilience since returning from his injury. His toughness, IQ and polyvalence could make him a key player for the Red Wings in a near future. While he might need more time to really establish himself, Kasper is set to become a fan favorite and an important part of the team.
Source : Detroit Red Wings don't have a friendly ghost in Marco Kasper
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Detroit Red Wings prospect is not a friendly ghost

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