Swedish Media Criticize Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond

Sara Amaya
May 21, 2024  (5:01 PM)

Lucas Raymond warms up before a game
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Red Wings forward Luca Raymond has been playing in the World championship for Sweden and on Monday during a game, he scored three goals and got himself noticed.

"Opening the scoring in Sweden's 3-1 win over France, Raymond nonetheless was hearing about needing to do more after the conclusion of the game." -Bob Duff

Regardless of his efforts that game, Swedish Media Expressen.se has made it clear that while Raymond has a lot of potential, that potential is not currently being realized with him having scored goals for Sweden in three games total now and that he should be trying harder to score more goals.
"Raymond did score against France but, like Kempe, has been too invisible during the championship.

Both have the potential to be scoring kings in the WC, we have seen
very little of those qualities so far." -Adam Johansson of Sweden Expressen.se

The Sweden's Expressen also stated that Raymond needs to improve because there will be more challenging opposition that he faces with opposing teams, and it will be a struggle to get past them if he does not take his game up a notch.
"They will be needed when tougher opposition awaits" -Adam Johansson of Sweden Expressen.se

The Expressen went on to say that they had seen very little of the qualities Raymond has demonstrated on the ice with the Red Wings. Sweden's head coach Sam Hallan also dropped Raymond from his top forward lineup. It's clear that Sweden does not think that Raymond has lived up to all the hype and that they want to see more from him moving forward.
Despite this, Raymond has played well and has had high yielding results for Detroit and the NHL with 31 goals and 72 points this past season. The forward has been operating as the goal liner for Sweden's power plays and continues to do well despite such harsh criticism from the Swedish Media considering they are ranking 10th overall in the country despite being 6-0 in the tournament.
Credit: Detroit Hockey Now - Swedish Media Critical of Red Wings Raymond
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Swedish Media Criticize Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond

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